Muslim Silence and LGBTQ+

Backlashes, Threats and Boycotts

Dave Chapelle has been in the news a few weeks ago for what he said about transgenders and being “team terf.” He receieved lot of backlash but he also had many supporters. Many people found his honesty refreshing and courageous. He is one of the very few celebrities that have been able to voice their disagreement with some aspects of the LGBTQ+ agenda. Every time we hear about these ‘backlashes’ from that community one must wonder…where’s the freedom of speech when it comes to the LBGTQ community?

Anyone who seems to disagree or rejects their views/values is labeled as homophobic/transphobic and will be silenced. On the other hand, they can say and do whatever they want in the name of diversity and inclusion and anyone who dares to speak up against them, will be aggressively insulted, ridiculed, labeled with all types of names and eventually silenced. It has become somewhat of a taboo to disagree with these people. They are aggressive, hostile and intolerant against anything and anyone that doesn’t encourage, applaud and accept wholeheartedly their agenda.

In the meantime, they continue to spread their agenda through social media, schools, entertainment, and books. Women and girls girls as well as young boys/men are becoming victims of this agenda by thinking they’re trans/non binary; unfortunately for some, that leads them to mutilating themselves and permanently damaging their bodies. Just search the term “de-transition” on YouTube/Google and you will see countless videos/articles, majority being young women and girls, and some boys/men who are now getting off of hormones they have been taking for years. A lot of these girls who are de-transitioning, have also surgically removed their breasts. Their naturally feminine voices gone, possibly forever. It’s really sad and disturbing what’s happening.

Muslims’ Silence

Let’s come back to the silence and fear of speaking up. Muslims are especially silent when it comes to this widespread fitnah in the western countries, which a large number of Muslims live in. Very few Muslims try to shine light on the danger of the LGBTQ+ Community’s agenda. My guess is that we don’t want to cause anymore hatred and biases against ourselves more than we already have. Or it could be that we are naive enough to think these issues will not affect Muslim youth. Whatever it is, it needs to change. Being silent and ignoring these issues will not protect our children. Unfortunately, many Muslim youth are not only sympathetic, but they’re also in agreement with the agenda so much so that many are claiming to be queer, lesbian, gay or pan sexual.

I recently watched the Deen Show and they had on Sharon Slater, the president of Family Watch International. She expressed that the LGBTQ+ agenda goes well beyond western countries. They’re targeting Muslim countries in Africa and the rest of the world. So while the majority of Muslims are too busy being terrified to even speak up about their true feelings, this agenda is spreading to other countries.

Girls/young women are affected more

As mentioned above, this trend of people coming out and claiming they are trans/non-binary etc. seems to be affecting more women and girls. Read about it on these articles below:

What Can Muslims Do About These Issues?

The very least we can do is to educate our own children. Many Muslim teens have been brainwashed by their public schools and the shows they watch. Many of them have no idea what the rulings are in Islam when it comes to the LGBTQ+. They repeat the same type of phrases they hear these people hurl at others with differing opinions.

Teach your youth to think critically. Have deep conversations about these topics. Homosexuality is nothing new and neither is effeminate men. What’s new is chopping off body parts/adding new ones and then demanding to be called by the ‘right pronouns.’ And of course, always make dua for the protection of all children.

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