Exciting News: My New Book!


Asalaamu Alaykum! I have a wonderful and exciting news to share with you. My first published children’s book is available to order now! I wrote this sweet story several years ago and wanted to publish it then but it just didn’t happen for so long due to different reasons; but alhamdulilah, Allah has given me the means to publish it this year—I found the perfect illustrator and I think it’s the best time to publish it.

This is an age-appropriate, cute little story written in the first person about Prophet Muhammad, salalaahu alayhi wassalam. With everything that has happened in France about our dear Prophet, Salalaahu alayhi wasalam, I think this is the time to write about him, and honor him even more with our words and actions and tongues. What better way than to teach our children about the Prophet’s ways and kindness than through a beautifully illustrated story?

You can get it as an ebook or print book from here

May Allah make it a sadaqah jaari’yah for me and all involved in the making of this book. Ameen.

If you’d like to see my book or any other Islamic book (children’s book or not) available in your libraries, write to your local libraries and make sure you request that specific book. The more requests they get, the more likely they’ll order books geared towards Muslim children and adults!

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