Reading Curriculum Review: Phonics Pathways

Over the years I’ve used various books to teach my children to read. Of course, they all had their positives and negatives. Some were definitely easier and better for my kids to learn from. Currently, Phonics pathways is my favorite reading curriculum out of all of the reading curriculums I’ve tried so far.

What I like about the Phonics Pathways Reading Curriculum

I found this book to be comprehensive—it teaches so much beyond just the basics of the phonics and simple words. It teaches long vowels, digraphs, schwa sounds, contractions, blends, names of diacritical marks and many more things. There are no age limits for this book. You can use it to teach an older child to fill in any missing gaps in their reading or a child just starting to learn to read. The only recommendation is that the child should first know the sounds of the alphabets before starting this book.

Phonics Pathways has been the easiest for me to teach from and the easiest for my children to learn from. I’ll be honest, I’ve even learned some new things from this book myself that I didn’t know before. It’s designed so that the child will learn to spell while learning to read. Therefore making spelling easy, which is something many reading curriculums forget to include.

Overall, I’d say this book has been extremely helpful for my older kids who have already learned to read from other books but were needing help to fill in the gaps. And it’s also helping my child who’s just learning to read now. I understand every child is different and there’s not one book/reading curriculum that will work for all children, but if you’d like to give this book a try, I highly recommend it!

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There’s also another book by the same author and it’s similar to Phonics Pathways, but it’s called Reading Pathways: get it from here

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