Must-Have Islamic Books for Kids

Alhamdulilah, there are so many Islamic books that are very useful when it comes to teaching various Islamic topics such as salah, Quran, and ahaadith to children. I’ve been using some of these books and I’m finding them so helpful. In no so specific order, here are the Islamic books I’m using to teach Islamic studies to my children. These are definitely must-have Islamic books!

Discover the Power of Salah

Discover the power of salah (1): Farheen, Ariba

This is a wonderful book by Ariba Farheen, geared towards children. It teaches about the importance of Salah; it also motivates children to pray! Some of the things I love about this book are the following:

  • Educational! It contains lots of authentic ahaadeeth that pertains to salah.
  • Told in a conversational tone that really captures kids’ attention.
  • Filled with many interesting, engaging stories that pertain to salaah. The most engaging story so far with my children was the story about Umar bin Al-Khattab and how he died. That specific story started a lot conversation and deep reflection among them, mashaaAllah.
  • This book really tackles answering the question: why should we even pray? And, are there benefits to praying?

I reached out to the author, sister Ariba Farheen to understand a little bit about what her inspiration was for writing the book and if she’s working on any similar books for other topics in Islam. Here are three questions I asked her and her answers:

1. What inspired you to write this book? 

“I have taught hundreds of children and met mothers from all over the world over the years. Whenever I would ask parents what are their top concerns, Salah would almost always be on their list. 
Salah is our way to our success, our meeting with our Rabb, but most kids are only praying to get it over with. Its a ritual they do without their heart or mind in it, after being nagged.

I wanted children to pray because they are motivated by the love of meeting their Rabb, not just the fear of being punished for missing salah. Knowing “Why” is very important in building motivation. Hence, I wrote to a class to give them many powerful and beautiful reasons salah can benefit them in THIS life and the next.

I noticed a lot of books mention the reasons in a dry manner or don’t go deep enough to help the reader truly realise the depth of those benefits.So I dug deep to research analogies that scholars have used, the benefits Allah(swt) and the Prophet Muhammad(saws) mentions and present them in a way children can relate to easily.

I think we often underestimate children and just give them the “simple” stuff but they are capable of understanding so much more depth. Its simple to say that Salah will help you attain success, earn paradise. What the book does though, is break it down in various ways to help them understand the multitudes of ways salah helps you attain success and earn paradise.

I had been teaching this content in classes and saw incredible changes in children, who were next day waking their children up for Fajr. A friend of mine suggested that I should convert it to a book so more children can benefit, Alhamdulillah for her suggestion!”

2. What ages is this book best suitable for? 

“For self-reading I recommend 8 and up.However I would especially urge the parents of younger children to buy and read to them slowly. The earlier we start the better. Many adults have also reached out to me and mentioned how much they benefited.”

3. Are you planning to write more books similar to this book for other Islamic topics?

“Yes InshaAllah. The next book is Power Up Your Salah—it’s about developing khushu, with some inspirational stories of people and many practical ways to improve the quality of salah, presented in an relatable manner for today’s children.

Apart from this I will be writing more books on other topics, InshaAllah and I have several eBooks on various topics such as – Moments from the life of RasulAllah(saws) – which is an interactive eBook, Surah Fatiha tafsir for kids, etiquette of learning, Envy, How to get the duas of angels and more.”

I think this is definitely a must-have Islamic book; If you’d like to buy this book, get it HERE

130 Hadeeth on Manners From Buloogh Al-Maraam


The 130 Hadeeth on Manners from Buloogh Al-Maraam by Ahmed Ibn Ali, Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalani prepared by Moosa Richardson, is actually a workbook. Richardson does state that, “It should be clear that this workbook has not been designed for independent self-study.”

And it’s not specifically for children, however, I do use this book to teach my children about hadiths dealing with manners. It’s also (in my opinion) one of the best hadeeth resources out there translated into the English language for learning about the importance of manners and good character in Islam.

We all know that having excellent manners are paramount in our deen. As our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him said, “I have only been sent to perfect good character.” There’s nothing that encourages, develops and leads to good character more than having the best manners in every situation.

Here are the things I love most about this book:

  • In both English and Arabic
  • Available recordings for in-depth explanations about each hadith from classes given by Musa Richardson.
  • Information in recordings also includes nice introductions into the narrators and compilers of the hadiths, as well as the sahabis.
  • Space to take notes in the workbook (I chose to take notes in a separate notebook).

This is a must-have islamic book for teaching/learning about ahadeeth dealing with manners/building good character for any age group. You can see a preview here. To buy this book, click HERE.

The Clear Qur’an for Kids

The Clear Quran™ for Kids - with Arabic Text | Hardcover - Furqaan Bookstore

I have not read/used any other Qur’an translation books specifically for children, so I don’t really know any other similar book to compare this to. However, I do like this one for various reasons.

  • Well organized into different sections.
  • provides not only translation, but also ‘side and background stories.’ I really love these sections the most because it gives the child a good insight into the reason for which the sura was revealed.
  • Nice illustrations
  • The vocabulary and words used are not too complicated so I think most children will understand them easily.

Again, this is a must-have Islamic book as well! To purchase this book, go here. If you’d like to see a video review of it, there’s a sister on YouTube who’s reviewed it. You can watch her review here.

I do have more books that I use for Islamic studies, but for now I’ll stop with the three already mentioned. If you’d like to read more about teaching Quran to children, I’ve written all about the method I use to teach Quran to children and you can it read it, here.

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