Mom Guilt: Does It Ever End?!

What is Mom Guilt?

Most mothers feel guilty for one reason or another regarding their children. The questions in a mother’s head never seem to end—Am I feeding my kids unhealthy food? Was I too harsh today in disciplining them? Was it wrong of me to let them watch two entire hours of cartoons?! Should I have let them play more instead of spending too much time studying?—The list of what makes us feel guilty is almost endless and ridiculous sometimes. I know I’m not the only mother that goes through this constant mom guilt. Every mother will at some point feel ‘horrible’ for not doing this or that for her child/children.

I understand we just love our babies so much and we wish we could give them the absolute best of everything in the world. However, we are also human beings. We will get frustrated, tired, angry and overwhelmed at times. So, you better believe that you cannot be super mom all of the time when dealing with your children.

While feeling guilty too often is definitely harmful, I also believe it could be a good thing at times. Feeling guilt could be used for deep reflection and self-evaluation. This reflection and evaluation can then lead to even better parenting, inshaaAllah.

Why Are You Feeling Guilty?

If you find that you are feeling guilty a lot, almost everyday or night and this makes you feel sad, look into what you think you are doing wrong. Is it something you can change? If yes, then take steps to change whatever that you believe you are doing wrong, and correct it. If it’s something out of your control, give yourself a break. Convince yourself there’s nothing that can be done about the situation; try not to feel so guilty. If it’s a mistake you made, accept it, correct it if you can and move on from it. Dwelling on our mistakes will just add to our frustrations and disappointment. So it’s much better to improve and move on.

To read more on the topic of mom guilt, here’s an awesome article that goes further in detail:

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