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If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time to read books and the best way you motivate and educate yourself and make use of reminders is through listening to YouTube videos, then you’ll love my video recommendations! InshaaAllah this list will be updated sometimes.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos that are motivating, inspiring, educational—overall, awesome!

I really enjoyed this interview and found it to be not only inspiring, but motivating as well.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

MashaaAllah I really enjoy this brother’s talks. His lectures are very informative and engaging. Below are some of my favorites from Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud.

The Quran, A Guide to Humanity

Do you want to know a little more about why the Qur’an is great? Or know the benefits of having a relationship with the Quran? What about the punishments for abandoning the Qur’an? Do you know what happens when we purposefully or ‘accidently’ stop learning, reciting, listening to, or pondering upon the Qur’an? The answers to all of these questions and so much more are discussed and covered in this lecture. It is an amazing talk and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it and listen to it again and again! may Allah reward our brother in Islam. Ameen.

Rulings Concerning the Awrah

This is one of those things that is rarely discussed in the masjids these days, unfortunately. That’s why we find that a lot of mothers have questions about when they need to start covering their awrah from their young kids, or what they can and cannot wear in front of their kids. In this lecture the brother answers and discusses many things concerning children, i.e. the right age to start training kids to start salaah, separating their beds, and teaching them about puberty/sex and so much more.

Focus on One Good Deed!

Beautiful advice and warning in one in video! This lecture is not long at all but it will force you to think about your habits, routines and choices in life. If /when you listen to this short lecture, listen for the word, mudhabdhab. If you don’t know what it is, then listen and learn about it. If you already know what it means, come back here and answer this question: do you agree that many of us are mudhabdhabeen without even realizing?

Lectures by Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Sheikh Ali Hammuda’s talks are always inspiring. He’s also a very passionate speaker which adds great value of to his talks.

It’s Time to Trust Allah

The description of the video sums up nicely the essence of what this lecture is about: “The topic of ‘Tawakkul’/ reliance upon Allah is addressed, at a time when the Muslims – at both the individual and collective level – need it more than ever before. May Allah accept from the deliverer, listener and s/he who shares the message.”

What is Your Vision in Life

I watched this video with my young sons because I really thought they would benefit as much as I did despite their young ages! In this video, Sheikh Ali tells us about the amazing and inspiring story of a great Muslim who died not too long ago. This man achieved great things and he’s just a great person to know about and to be inspired by! Hope you really listen to this one as well!

Sister Hina Mukhtar-Khan

Sister Hina’s stories, advice and suggestions on parenting are really helpful.

How Two Dealt with Their Sons’ Girlfriends

“Sr. Hina Khan-Mukhtar shares how two mothers responded when learning about her teenage son’s secret relationship. This was in response to an online question about teen dating in the Muslim community during a teen-parent forum.” This was so interesting!

Positive & Practical Parenting

In this video, sister Hina discuses a great article she wrote back in 2010 that went viral and the tips she wrote about in that article. If you’re interested in reading that article, you’ll find it HERE.

How to Get Teens to Love Prayer and the Qur’an

This video discusses how we can get teens to love their deen and everything within it. She talks about her own experience with her teenage son and the different methods she used to get him to love and practice Islam.

Other Wonderful Videos

Nine Ways Sins Affect You!

We commit sins, but do we know the repercussions of continuing with our sins day and night witout a care in the world? Learn about the different ways sins affects the sinner!

Losing Religion/Honest Tea Talk

This was such a deep and much needed discussion about how some Muslimahs can feel so confused and lost in their faith that it leads them to leave Islam altogether. May Allah help all that are struggling.

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