Teaching Our Children About Prophet Muhammad

Who was Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad had the best manners. Indeed, he was the best teacher, with so much patience and understanding; and yet he was honest and eloquent. The way he dealt with people was remarkable! The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, never uttered foul or useless words. He didn’t waste time on trivial things. He was beautiful inside and out.

Prophet Muhammad (salalaahu alayhi wassalam), was amazing in all aspects. He remains to be the best role model for all human beings. He was the epitome of every good quality that exists. Therefore, we should learn about him and emulate him. We should teach our children about Prophet Muhammad, salalaahu alayhi wassalam— the greatest man to ever exist. In the hopes that our children will take him as a role model and uphold his sunnah.

When/Why Should We Start Teaching Our Children About Prophet Muhammad?

We should teach our children about Prophet Muhammad when they are still young and eager for knowledge. That way, as they grow, they will grow with his beautiful guidance and advice. The ahaadeeth on manners and taqwa are especially great to share with and teach to children. You can find so many different hadiths from the great scholars of Islam by clicking HERE.

Start with the Easy Stuff!

Full name of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH

An easy and fun way to start teaching children about the Prophet is to let kids learn the Prophet’s full name along with his lineage. The lineage of the Prophet traces to Adnaan (who is from the offspring of Ismaa’eel, the son of Ibraheem (Alayhi Salaam) as mentioned in the Sahih of Imaam al-Bukhari. You can then continue on to simple ahaadeeth mentioning some of the basic, every-day-sunnahs. MashaaAllah these days, it’s not as difficult to find many different age-appropriate books which teach about the Prophet, peace be upon him. I Want To Be Like Prophet Muhammad is one of those easy to understand books which I have published recently. It’s perfect for teaching basic sunnahs and encouraging young children to want to be like the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Free PDF of the Prophet’s lineage:

I have made a free PDF of the Prophet’s full name (up to to the 10th great- grandfather or ancestor)! Start teaching yourself or your children about the Prophet’s name! Or just take a screen shot of the above info-graph!

To download the PDF, click HERE

Jazaakumulaahu Khayran for reading! Don’t forget to share the khayr!

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Our Children About Prophet Muhammad

  1. Sara says:

    Masha’Allah. Great advice to teach our children about Prophet Muhammad SAWS, the best of role models.

  2. Desi Doll says:

    Nice Post! The Prophet Muhammad embodied every beautiful virtue in the most beautiful way. His life is full of stories that teach Muslim kids humility and other key Islamic values.

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