Want to Pray Every Salaah on Time? Do This 1 Thing!

multi-tasking Mother Are you busy? So busy that you are exhausted by mid-day? So exhausted that you can barely keep up with praying every salah on time?  What if I told you there is one thing that if you focused on, really tried to stay on top of, can help you pray on time again.

No need to make this long.  Here is what you can start focusing on right now: wudu! Make sure you are in a state of wudu majority of your time.   How can you do that?  By training yourself to make wudu every time you use the bathroom.  Having wudu makes it so much easier to pray.  It cuts the time you have to prepare for salah in half and you’re much more likely to avoid procrastination when it’s time pray and you have wudu.

There are also so many other benefits of wudu according to the hadiths of the Prophet, salaalaahu alayhi wasallam.  Go read all about those great benefits Here!

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