A Reminder To My Fellow Busy Mothers!

4A253E37-F0AD-4A7D-8127-2AA6B9FB1CC7It is easy to get caught up in the routines of our daily lives. Often times we hear mothers complain about not having time for anything else besides raising their children; how many of us used to go to beneficial and educational classes, had time to recite pages and pages of Quran daily, pray extra prayers, go to lectures, volunteer, but now that is all over since becoming a mother. ‘I’m lucky if I sleep five hours straight!’ is a common retort many of us will give when asked why we don’t participate in many of things we used to do before becoming mothers. Some of us struggle to just pray the five daily prayers,  forget doing anything extra.  And I get it. I really do. I understand because I’m a mother of small children too.  On some nights, IT IS a struggle to even get a few hours of sleep. And many things that I used to do when I was single and was only responsible for myself, I had to forego when I became a mother.  Still, it’s imperative that we become selfish enough to not leave all of the great ibaadat we used to do just because of our children, or anything else that is time-consuming whether that is school or work or hanging out with friends and family.

Find time—make time somehow, someway even in the midst of daily routines which make us busy.  Sacrifice other things, whatever it may be (cutting back on internet use, decreasing the amount of time talking on the phone, sacrificing an hour or two of sleep) and just about anything else that may be taking up some of your free time to go back to the things you did before to get closer to Allah (sw).  After all, while our children, work, friends and family are beautiful blessings, they will not enter the grave with us.  They will not bear our burdens of sins. We still have to understand that we are slaves of Allah before anything else.  Our main priority in life is not to just work, marry, or become parents. Our main reason for being on this earth is to worship Allah.  There is nothing more important than our relationship with Allah.  We should not let anything, including our children or occupations get in the way of us nurturing, improving and maintaining our relationship with Allah. I believe in the saying: if you truly care about someone or something, you’ll make time for that person or thing.

Even on nights when the newborns or toddlers refuse to sleep and you feel exhausted, you can still think of ways to get closer to Allah: try reciting Quran since you’re up with the the baby anyway. When you are stuck in the house in Ramadan and can’t participate in taraweeh prayers at the masjid due to having small children, you can still try to make time to pray by yourself after the children go to sleep. If you’re spending a lot of your time driving your children to and from school and activities everyday, you can still squeez in some time dedicated to thikr.

No matter what the situation, we can do something; it doesn’t matter how big or small. The main thing is to stay consistent and purify our intentions.  Again, being slaves and worshipers of Allah comes before being employees, students, wives and husbands, and mothers and fathers.  We can’t let these various titles we have be a reason to get away from Allah, let it be a way to bring us even closer to Allah.

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