Great Kids Books We Read This week!

great books we read this week

Asalaamu alaykum! How was your week? Hopefully great!  InshaaAllah, I’m starting a weekly post (this post being the first) titled Great Kids Books We Read This Week! It’s going to be posted every Friday morning (depending on where you are), InshaaAllah!

Subscribe to the blog so you can be notified of new posts, InshaaAllah. I’ll list some of my kids’ favorite books of the week and say a few words about why it was nice—no lengthy review. I’ll try to get some of my friends and family to recommend some books as well. It’s easier to pick out books when someone else already read it to their children and the books were fun and appropriate for the child/children.

How to Know a Child’s Favorite Book

I try to read a good amount of books to the kids (at least seven) each week. Some of the books are just ok, some they might want me to read to them again, but their favorites are the ones I hear them talking about after I’m done reading. It’s the ones they’ll sit with the book afterwards and try to reread the book by themselves by looking at the pictures. It’s the books they’ll remember for months or even years to come every time they see it elsewhere. It’s so nice to see a child getting excited over a book! I’ve to admit…I get excited just a little bit as well because reading is the key to learning.

Great Kids Books We Read This Week!

Well, here’s our favorites from this week:

My First Book about the Quran

This book was This book was recommended by my sister. She said it’s great for children 2-5 years old and her daughter loved it. I’m planning to purchase it soon for my younger sons, InshaaAllah.

Hooray For Books by Brian Won

Cute little story about books.

Our World by Bill Martin and Michael Sampson


This book was read to the kids in one of my local ‘Ummi & Me’ programs for the toddlers and preschoolers.  Kids can be asked who made each animal. Good way to introduce one of Allah’s names: Al Khaaliq.

Max and the Tag-Along Moon by Floyd Cooper


This is such sweet story about the “tag-along moon.” Every child who has ever gazed at the moon at night will relate to Max’s story.

Earth’s Features by Learning Ladders (couldn’t find an author name)


Beautiful pictures! Great for learning about the different things and places of our planet

Adele & Simon by Barbara McClintock


Lovely illustrations and great story.

My Sitter is T-Rex! By Paul Oroshoki


Engaging story through and through!  And if your child is a bigginner reader, he or she can participate in the reading.

That’s it for this week.  Feel free to share some of your kids favorite stories in the comments! I’d love to see what stories/books your children loved!

Jazaakumulaahu kheyran for reading!

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