Fun Spelling Activity


It’s no secret children have a short attention span. Keep their attention by having them go in search of letters. This fun spelling activity will have them wanting to keep spelling!

What you’ll need:

*Post-its or any small paper and tape (if using paper, cut it into small squares, enough to be able to write the letters).
*Marker or pen

What to do:

  1. Think of a word and spell it by writing one letter on each post-it or small paper.
  2. After you spell the word, one letter on each post-it, stick the post-its on various places in the location the student will have to search. For example stick on the side of a table, a bookshelf, the wall, or a chair. Depending on the ability of the student or how much you want to challenge her, you can stick the post-its in various areas, such as the kitchen, living room, etc.
  3. After sticking the post-its in various areas, tell the student how many letters the word has so they know how many post-its to look for. If the word has four letters, then she needs to look for four post-its.
  4. Explain the locations of the post-its, for example, if she needs to look in the kitchen and living room. Or if she only needs to look in one area.
  5. Now the search can begin!
  6. Once she finds all the post-its, have her stick the post-its on a wall.
  7. Give her time to look at the letters and attempt to figure out the word.
  8. If trying to figure out the spelling begins to seem challenging, you can give clues as to what the word has to do with.
  9. Once she figures out the word, start all over with a new word.

You can always tweak this activity to work for each particular student. If spelling is a challenge for the student, you can help by writing the first letter of the word in one color, and using a different color for the rest of the letters. Using a timer to give the student a specific amount of time to locate the post-its can be added fun!

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