No Matter Which Educational Option You Choose For Your Child, Just Do This!

No Matter What Educational Option You Choose For Your Child, Just Do ThisThese days, there are a variety of ways to educate children. There’s the traditional public school (there’s more than one option to choose within the public schools), private/slamic school, homeschooling or the ‘radical’ unschooling. No matter which educational option you chose for your child, just do this: stay active and involved in your child’s life!

Why Quality Time is the Best Option

All of us parents must stay active, present and involved in our children’s lives every single day! Don’t let a day go by without spending quality time with them. Know what your child is learning. Be his or her main teacher even if they go to a traditional public, private or Islamic school and have professional teachers who teach him outside of your home. One of the best educational options you can make is setting aside quality time to spend with your children so that they learn better.

Try to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how they learn. In order to even begin to understand the different ways or styles our kids learn, we have to provide various opportunities for them to learn. Then we must step back and observe the child. Sooner or later, you’ll see what really makes them happy and excited.

Understanding Various Ways Children Learn

For some children, they learn best through hands on activities. For others they may learn through listening, so stories maybe the best for them. Some learn through asking questions all day long (literally!); and others may learn through a combination of ways such as hands on, observational, being read to etc. the main point here is that we won’t be able to know how a child learns without spending a lot of quality time with him or her.

What’s Truly Important

What’s truly important is listening, encouraging and engaging with our children daily. Asking about their day if they go to school, their opinions on things, playing fun games at home, going out with them and exposing them to different places, ideas, subjects and people as much as you can. Encouraging good behaviors and instilling confidence and kindness is another great and easy way for children to learn.

Learning Goes Beyond Academics

Learning goes well beyond just academics. Children need to be taught manners, kindness, integrity. We can only do that when we are mentally there, not just physically—meaning, we are spending a lot of quality time with our children daily and exhorting our efforts into teaching life skills along with academics and the deen. With all the distractions in this life, it’s imperative that we slow down and dedicate a great portion of our time and energy on what truly matters: our faith, family and communities.

InshaaAllah then there’s a great hope and chance that our children will grow up to be well-rounded Muslims!

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