Wasting Our Time Is Wasting Our Lives

Wasting Our Time=Wasting Our Lives
With the digital age in full bloom, we are ever so busy with our smart phones. When we are done with work or school and the house is nice and tidy, kids in bed, and we have time to rest, what do we do? We spend time checking our Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and whatever else social media is out there.

After checking all of that, then what? It’s time to see what our favorite YouTubers are up to, so we head on over to YouTube. After feeling satisfied or ‘updated’ on everything, we realize we got too many things to do tomorrow and drag ourselves to bed forcing ourselves to turn off the phone while we drift off to sleep, finally.

Some statistics:

An article posted on the website, Hackernoon compared the results of researchers who found out how much time adults spend online using their phones everyday—quite a lot! They concluded that the average adult spends four hours or more (42.2hrs/month) daily on their smart phones for different things but mainly to be on social media. You can read the entire article here. It’s very eye-opening.

How much time do you waste on your phone?

We read about the many studies and research focusing on the negative effects iPads and phones and electronics has on children but they should do these researches on adults too! I’m sure we’ll find that technology has made a lot of us unproductive.

With better effort and dedication though, we can manage our time well and divide our 24 hours among sleeping, taking care of the family, and worshiping Allah. We can also set aside some time for ourselves to do things we enjoy—like going out with friends and family, spending time alone to  study and recite the Quran, get a massage etc. just anything that’s actually good for the soul.

May Allah make it easy for happy, healthy and productive! Read this wonderful article I found to be beneficial; it has great tips on how to be productive. To be take to the article click HERE

May you benefit, Allahuma amin

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