How to Raise Children to be Practising Muslims


Children are a gift and blessing from Allah. When a child is born, it is imperative that the parents take pains to raise them islamically and morally upright way. It’s important to focus on only those traits which are deemed to be good and eliminate any factors that will give rise to bad character.

Teaching our kids the right Islamic principles is a compulsory part in raising children who grow up to be practicing Muslims. Take a look at the tips below on how to keep your kids in line and raise them to be God-fearing and practicing Muslims.

1- Impart to Them the Value of Worship

As human beings our major duty on earth is to worship Allah. Therefore, being Muslims should instill in kids the value of worship and let them know the fundamental principles of Islam early on in their lives.

They should be taught that the Muslim faith is based on the fact that one has to acknowledge that only Allah is worthy of worship and this is the basis of Islam. Children should also be acquainted with the five pillars of Islam early in their lives.

2-    Arrange a Professional Quran Teacher to Teach Them

Other than instilling in your kids the basic pillars of Islam and teaching them the importance of worshipping Allah,  you should also arrange a Quran teacher for your kids so that they may be guided on how to read the Quran well.

The Quran contains a complete manual on how to live life and therefore, the earlier kids are introduced to reading the Quran, the better for them. Additionally, given that we are in the digital age, learning the Quran has become much easier as several apps such as the Quran Companion app have made the process simple. Kids can learn both the Arabic version with translation and explanation with the aid of apps and one-on-one Quran tutors.

3-    Be Compassionate and Kind to Them

The beauty of Islam lies in the fact that there is nothing like compulsion in it. One can only reach about Islam but not convert another forcefully into a Muslim. Therefore, in the case of children, you need to be polite and kind while teaching them about Islam.

The more kindness you show while teaching kids about Islam, the more open they will be to learning about it.

4-    Narrate Stories

Telling children moral stories will go a long way in ensuring that they learn ethics and values. Moreover, storytelling is always an interesting activity for kids since it both inspires and provokes their imagination.

For example, you may tell them stories about Islamic heroes and how they contributed to Islam and their ways of life. By listening to such inspirational stories, children will have ideal role models to look up to as they grow up.

Additionally, they will also be aware of the true norms and values of Islam and how they can be applied in practical life.


Raising kids as good Muslims is the duty of every parent. Parents or guardians should never compel their kids into learning about Islam but rather, they should educate them in a loving and friendly manner along with being their practical guides.

Author Bio:

Lisa Zahran is a writer and copywriter who has worked with New York Times bestselling authors and personal development organizations such as Productive Muslim and Mindvalley. As CCO at Quran Academy, she’s authored a transformative ebook that can help make Quran memorization easier and more meaningful in your daily life. Experience this ebook plus a 14-day trial of Quran Companion for free today.



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