10 Books Your Preschooler Will Love

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The best way to calm children down, bond with them and educate them all at once is through reading! Most children love books and stories because it’s fun and interesting for them. I read books for my children often and they all enjoy it. In fact, sometimes they will demand that I read the same book again and again and again! Until I almost become sick and tired of reading it. That’s how I know which books are their favorites.

My children are five years old and under so we are not reading any chapter books yet. The type of books they love are books filled with rhymes, fun and bright pictures and great stories that are not too complicated or long. I try to always pick books that teach a lesson at the end of each story. But as they’re just kids now, majority of the time I go for books that are just fun to read and look at or whatever they pick.

Here are 10 books that were absolute favorites for my kids (I think I read each one at least ten times) and  I think your kids will love too! I have no idea when some of these books were published. All I know is they were great stories that my boys enjoyed and that’s why they’re on this list. Unfortunately, I haven’t read many of the Islamic children’s books to them  yet (I usually tell them a simplified version of some of the stories found in the Quran) but InshaaAllah I plan to do that soon.

1. Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama

2. Don’t Throw It to Mo!

Don't throw it to mo

3. Love You Forever


4. Ten Tiny Toes


5. The Very Hungary Caterpillar


6. The Little Engine that Could

blue engine that could

7. Happy In Our Skin


8. The Bear Who Shared

bear who shared

9. Under The Ramadan Moon

ramadan moon

10. The Cat In The Hat


What are some of your children’s favorite stories? Share them with me, please! 


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2 thoughts on “10 Books Your Preschooler Will Love

  1. AYEINA says:

    Have heard a lot about Under the Ramadan moon and the hungry caterpillar. May be we need to go buy them 😀 also, the llama llama series sound cute! how about llama goes to panama 😀

    • muslimmothersource says:

      Oh the Llama llama books are their favorite! They’re just so fun to read too. Llama Llama goes to Panama would be great!

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