Giveaway: Islamic Phonics Book

adam to zamzamSince my children turned three and four years old, I’ve been focusing more on teaching them how to read and write. I’ve looked for books to help them learn how to read that’s geared toward Muslim children but there’s just not that many options. That’s why I was so excited when I found out that two sisters (Jamila and Karimah Alqarnain of Noon publications) teamed up to publish a phonics book (Adam to Zamzam) that’s excellent for Muslim children. This is the first book in the Islamic Phonic Readers Series. And guess what?! They’re launching this book the beginning of June, In Shaa Allah. In celebration of the upcoming Ramadan, they’re doing an amazing give away that you don’t want to miss.

To learn more about the giveaway, please click HERE or watch the video below.

You can see what’s in the giveaway by visiting a Rafflecopter giveaway.


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