Five Stories from the Quran to share with Children

QuranWhile all stories in the Quran carry amazing lessons for us to learn from, there are some that are easy for even children to understand the underlying message. These stories can be great for children because they’re inspiring and a learning experience for them. We all know how reading and telling stories to children is beneficial for them in various ways.

The stories from the Quran are excellent because they’re not fictional like most children’s stories and they carry great messages and learning opportunities. Another great benefit to telling your children stories from the Quran is that it gives them motivation to be better Muslims. I’ve started telling some of the stories found in the Quran to my children and they love it, alhamdulilah!

Here are five of my favorite stories from the Quran that I think are perfect to pass along to children.

  1. Story of Prophet Yusuf:

    This is a great story to share with children no matter how old they are because there are so many lessons to learn from the story. Children, like adults, usually love drama and the story of Prophet Yusuf has lot of it. From his brothers being jealous of him, to them planning and plotting against him and finally throwing him in the well. It’s both suspenseful and a great learning opportunity of patience and forgiveness.

  2. Story of Prophet Suleyman:

    It is well known that Prophet Suleyman was one of the most powerful kings and Prophets of all time. His kingdom was great but another amazing thing about him was that Allah gave him something no one has ever been given. He controlled the jinn and understood the language of animals. The ant story in the Quran is perfect for little children.

  3. Story of Prophet Yunus:

    This is another fascinating story children will surely enjoy and learn great lessons of admitting your mistakes and turning back to Allah.

  4. Story of Prophet Ibrahim:

    Ever since I first heard of the story of Prophet Ibrahim, I fell in love with him and his great qualities. Prophet Ibrahim’s unwavering courage against his own father and the rest of the people and full trust in Allah is what makes his story truly unique. This is another wonderful story which teaches children to always stand up for what is right no matter who is against you and to always depend on Allah alone. This is especially great for children who are older.

  5. Story of Uzair/Ezra:

    An interesting story, it is the story mentioned in Sura Baqara. You might have to do a little research but it’s well worth the time and effort. It’s both amazing in that it shows you the power of Allah and that Allah chooses to show miracles to whoever He wants. You can find the story in Tafsir ibn Kathir. I think this story would be perfect for children who are seven and over. You know what, you don’t even need to do any searches to find this great story. Click HERE to read the story. You’re welcome!


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Jazaakumulaahu Kheyran.


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8 thoughts on “Five Stories from the Quran to share with Children

  1. ayesha soleymaan says:

    My favourite chapters of the Quraan Kareem are Ale Imran and Surah Maryam as they tell of the most amazing miracle ever witnessed…a virgin birth to the purest baby ever born.

  2. Huda says:

    Jazaak Allah, my daughter loves the story of Hazrat Musa n she loves him Alhumdullilah, story of Hazrat Khizr is also very interesting for kids.

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