Mother’s Day Celebrations


Around this time of the year, we usually get bombarded with various commercials and advertisements about mothers. Companies now want to remind you how important it is to show how much you appreciate your mother by giving buying her something “nice.” I’m talking about mother’s day, of course. Many people around the world, the majority being non-Muslims celebrate mother’s day once a year. In the United States, mother’s day falls on the 10th of May, which is coming up soon. What about Muslims? Should we celebrate mother’s day?

I’m sure many Muslims will take part in the celebration of mother’s day by giving their mothers gifts, or taking them out to dinner. Majority of Islamic scholars agree that such holidays are prohibited in Islam but there are the few that insist there’s nothing wrong with it. The Muslims who celebrate it give the excuse that the intention of mother’s day is a good one—to appreciate mothers! What could possibly be wrong with that?

What’s wrong with celebrating mother’s day?

There’s a lot wrong with celebrating mother’s day, valentine’s day, even birthdays.  Let’s forget about the religious ruling for a moment. Most people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike have no idea the history of the holiday. Majority of the time, these so-called holidays are all about making money. Businesses come out with commercial after commercial urging customers to buy, buy, buy! Sadly, people fall into that trap. And this is how business and companies make thousands of dollars around these holidays.

Children have become so accustomed to always getting gifts on their birthdays that they always expect to get a gift no matter what. Parents don’t realize that they are making their children selfish by always making them expect to receive gifts. It’s the same thing with some mothers. Some mothers expect a gift or a special something from their children or husbands on this particular day. Once they don’t have what they expected, they get disappointed or sad.

Coming back to the mother’s day holiday, again let’s forget for a moment if it’s halal or haram to celebrate it. Most people don’t know that Anna Jarvis, the woman who established mother’s day died while she despised what mother’s day turned into, a profitable “holiday” for companies. She fought hard against floral companies who wanted to advertise mother’s day in order to sell flowers. Anna Jarvis in the end didn’t want anything to do with “mother’s day” even though it was her who came up with the whole concept. She even tried to nullify mother’s day but failed.

Now the religious side of things

Mother’s day may not be a religious holiday but it’s still not permissible to celebrate it for Muslims. The Prophet, salalaahu alayhi wassalam made it clear in the hadiths that were narrated from him, we Muslims only have two major holidays, Eidual Fitr and Eidul Adha, that’s it. The companions when they became Muslims had their cultural and traditional practices and holidays but gave up what was going against Islam’s teachings. So why is it difficult for some Muslims to let it go of these traditions as well?

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