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Written in simple repetitive words that will hold and engage a young child’s attention, I Want to Be like Prophet Muhammad is the perfect story to teach about, and encourage young children to emulate Prophet Muhammad, salalaahu alayhi wassalam. After reading this story, your children will want to be honest, caring, respectful, helpful etc. just like Prophet Muhammad, inshaaAllah!

This book is perfect for children three years of age and older. There are also ahaadeeth references as well as the Prophet’s full name in the index of the book.

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    About me

    My name is Nimo

    and I’m the person behind this blog. I’m a homeschooling mother, MashaaAllah; May Allah bless and protect all of our children forever and always, ameen.

    When I’m not busy educating, and taking care of my children and home, I like to write content for my blog, or that of others. I also like to write children’s stories. I’ve recently published my first children’s book, I Want To Be Like Prophet Muhammad, and I plan to publish more, inshaaAllah. Reading is so wonderful and we can never have too many Muslim children’s stories so I plan to do my part and create as many engaging, educational Islamic books as I can possibly make.

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