From Islam To Christianity And Back to Islam


Not too long ago, I was watching an interesting interview with a woman who left Islam for Christianity but came back to it by the mercy of Allah. Her entire story of how she left Islam to what led her back was fascinating to hear. While the woman’s story was just all around amazing, something she said about her father and how he reacted to her leaving Islam caught my attention.

The interviewer asked her about how her family, specifically how her parents reacted when she finally admitted to them that the rumors she left Islam for Christianity was true. I’ll be honest, I was waiting for her to say that they disowned her, pushed her away and promised to never talk to her again. However, she said the complete opposite. She explained that her mother passed away so she wasn’t in the picture. Her father was the one who spoke to her. She said he was loving and caring, still, knowing that she strayed.

He told her that she has truly erred but that he still loves and cares about her because she is his daughter. And she said, “he told me to use my logic, to see what I was exchanging for the beautiful religion I’ve grown up with.” She continued, “And he said that he will get up in the late hours of the night and make dua for me because he loves me.” Subhanalaah! I’m sure many parents would’ve been a mess if they had to face something similar as her father did (may Allah never test any of us in that way).

The love her father showed her–that she still had family regardless of what mistakes she made was incredible to hear. She concluded that her father continued to make dua for her until Allah guided her back to Islam and she returned, alhmdulilah.

What I took away from watching that video was three main things:

  • To be calm when facing calamities involving family members especially our children no matter what their age. To panic and become negative and nasty towards the other person does not nothing but drives them farther away.  In the story above, the father’s beautiful advise and the calm way in which he spoke to her ,at least made her felt like she still had family.  This was an excellent example of how da’wah should be conveyed to our loved ones.
  • The dua of a parent is truly powerful! I’m sure her father’s sincere dua was accepted by Allah.
  • No matter what, we should never give up so easily. Especially on our loved ones. It’s important to raise our hands to Allah and beg for His mercy for our children and family members to always be protected and guided back if they lose their way from the right path.








Um Ibrahim

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